Let’s Explore How Invisalign Has The Power to Improve Your Smile!

Having misaligned teeth might make you feel self-conscious and lower your self-esteem. If your teeth are not aligned and spaced correctly, you may feel self-conscious about smiling in public. And misaligned teeth might be a problem beyond just how they look. Tooth deterioration, difficulty pronouncing words, and difficulty biting down without using the tongue are all consequences of malocclusion. 

Have you been self-conscious about your smile because of your crooked teeth? You are in luck since Carmichael, CA orthodontics, Invisalign clear aligners offer a discreet, upscale option to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth and improving smiles. Keep reading to find out if Invisalign is right for you.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a dental innovation with the potential to discreetly and effectively realign poorly positioned teeth. They work in the same way as traditional dental braces. Only no one will ever know you are wearing them. Invisalign is a thin, clear mouth guard that is built just for your mouth to straighten your teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted without anybody knowing.

Just how does it function, exactly?

If you are considering Invisalign, it is best to take care of any underlying dental diseases or difficulties first. Your dentist will evaluate and give you final approval before beginning any treatment. Extreme cases of malocclusion, however, rule out most potential patients.

The Invisalign dentist takes photographs of your teeth and face and utilizes a 3D digital X-ray and scanner to get an accurate image of your misaligned teeth. The scans help dentists see where adjustments might be made to the teeth’s alignment. Since Invisalign trays are made to order, the manufacturer will utilize your dental impressions to create a model for a clear tray that will gradually move your teeth into place.

The misaligned teeth are nudged gently but firmly into their decided locations by the Invisalign device, which is constructed of a strong substance. Once the individualized trays have been delivered, they must be worn for more than 20 hours daily. Visit your dentist every two weeks for an examination and new Invisalign trays as your teeth gradually shift into place. The tray can be removed at mealtimes, and there are no dietary limitations.

Your mouth and teeth will get used to the aligners while they are being worn. The dentist will file your teeth at checkups and cleanings to make room for realignment. Metal brackets may be used to apply additional force to teeth in need of realignment and hold them in place. These metal wires will go unnoticed beneath your aligners.

Invisalign’s Benefits:

  • Taking them off is simple
  • They blend in almost perfectly.
  • In other words, they are tailored to perfection.
  • It hurts less to use them.
  • Need fewer trips to the dentist.
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