3D vs. 2D Mammograms – Finding the Best Breast Cancer Screening Process in Boise 

In the 1960s, the traditional 2D mammography method took two X-ray images of each breast. Although efficient, it had some drawbacks, especially when finding a tumor in thick breast tissue. 3D Mammography, or digital breast tomosynthesis, first appeared in the early 2000s, and it provided a revolutionary method by getting numerous X-ray images from different angles, building a 3D image of breast tissue. This Mammography improved the accuracy of cancer detection in Boise by lowering false positives and providing a clearer picture of the breast.

Imaging centers like Intermountain Medical Imaging provide all women in Boise with a better life by diagnosing cancer early. They provide all women with their privacy by screening in a private room. In less than three years they established a full-service Meridian facility for the expanding population in west Boise, after the opening of their medical practice in downtown Boise in August 1999. On their website, you find out more about their accomplishments and services. 

Difference between 2D Vs 3D mammography


Mammography uses X-rays to detect breast cancer through digital technology. While 2D mammograms produce a flat image, 3D (tomosynthesis) mammography in Boise, which was FDA-approved in 2011, takes several X-ray images from different angles to produce layered views. The radiation protection and compression in 3D Mammography are better than those in 2D, further increasing safety.

Breast Density

A thick breast tissue that appears white on mammograms can hide the presence of cancer. 3D Mammography is crucial because it provides radiologists with many angles to observe the bone for women with thick breasts at a little greater risk of breast cancer, facilitating early detection. It may not be the case in 2D Mammography, where flat images are taken, and a tumor may look like a simple white patch. Thus, furthermore tests would be required for diagnosing accurately. 

Less Anxiety

False warnings from mammograms may result in worry and follow-up exams. Compared to 2D Mammography, 3D mammograms have lower chances of false alarms. It means the patient doesn’t need to get multiple tests. Thus, lessening anxiety in many circumstances.

A standard mammography and a 3D mammogram both pass the same test. 3D mammography only requires a few extra seconds of imaging time than a regular 2D Mammography since the x-ray equipment forms a sweeping arch over the breast. The result is a collection of photographs that, sometimes, may be more than 100 photos per breast and gives a complete picture of breast health. A traditional 2D mammography has only four images, two from each breast.

However, it is always wise to consult your physician in Boise to find the best method for your diagnosis. They are qualified in this stream and will be educated better. 

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