What Are the Common Hearing Tests That Are Conducted?

Hearing is a crucial aspect. Any disturbance in the process is going to risk your ability to perform your daily activities. If one finds difficulty in hearing, they must undergo the hearing tests without any delay. 

Hearing tests are commonly administered by audiologists. They assess your hearing ability through these tests and any form of hearing disorder can be identified through these methods. Multiple hearing tests are conducted every day, but we are going to discuss the most common of them all.

Speech Tests

The audiologists expose you to different speech volume levels. They then minutely observe you and record the levels at which you were able to hear the speech. These tests will not only check if you can detect the speech or not but will also test if you can understand what is being told to you at specific volume levels. The main motive of this test is to evaluate if an individual can hear and understand the speech.

Pure-tone Tests

This test exposes an individual to multiple tones. These tones will be set at certain pitches and volumes. The person taking the test needs to indicate or hear the sound that will be played. If they fail to indicate the sound after it is already played, it would mean they haven’t heard the sound at all in the first place. The final results of the test will help the audiologists analyse if the individual has a hearing loss or some other auditory problem.

Middle Ear Tests

Any issues, disorders, or abnormalities present in the middle ear can be detected with the help of these tests. These tests are extremely important for kids who are suffering from hearing losses. The tests of the middle ear often involve tympanometry, acoustic reflex measures, and static acoustic measures. The test detects if the eardrum has a perforation, wax blockage, or the presence of abnormal fluid levels.

Auditory Brainstem Response Tests

This test has the electrodes strapped onto an individual’s head and their brain’s response to sound stimuli is monitored. The tests will help the audiologist to understand how well the brain can interpret what they are hearing.

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