Root canal treatment – When to go for it?

Your teeth are responsible for many things, like chewing, biting, and enhancing your overall appearance. Hence, taking care of your teeth is essential. When the decay becomes so severe that it can’t be treated through medicines, you might need a root canal treatment. But how to identify that you need a root canal treatment? As suggested by a Manhattan, NY dentist, here is how:

  1. Unbearable Pain: If you are facing continuous and extreme pain in your tooth, it is time to visit your dentist for a root canal treatment. Also, sometimes the pain may vanish but return within no time or whenever you eat. In addition, the pain can shift to your jaw and face and even cause headaches. Hence, it is better to seek help in the early stages of pain.
  2. Sensitivity: If your teeth feel sensitive whenever you eat anything warm or cold and cause pain, you might need a root canal treatment. A minor sensitivity can happen now and then, but if you are facing sharp pain for a prolonged period, then only a root canal treatment can help you get rid of it. Root canal treatment will help eliminate the infection or damage in your blood vessels and nerves.
  3. Bleeding: One of the most common symptoms of a damaged gum or tooth is bleeding. If your teeth are bleeding every time you eat, then it is time that you visit your dentist for a check-up. Your dentist might recommend you get a few sessions of root canal treatment to eliminate the bleeding and fix the damage.
  4. Swelling: A swollen gum near the infected tooth means your infection is severe. The swelling can affect your face and cause pain in your teeth, jaw, and head. I might even cause pain while talking and eating; the severity can increase if not treated on time. Hence, if you spot swelling in your gums, consider visiting your doctor.

Visiting your dentist or planning to get a root canal treatment can feel nerve-chilling. This is why most people skip regular dental check-ups due to the fear of pain and procedure. But root canal treatments are not as scary as they seem. Your root canal treatment session can go smoothly with advanced technology and a good dentist. You will have little to no pain as your dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the area where the treatment is required. Hence, getting treated before your teeth cause more pain and trouble is better than a simple dental procedure.

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