Why is it important to go for a well-woman visit every year?

A well-woman exam is something that you should pay close attention to. Over 23% of women skip their well-women early exams due to a lack of knowledge and importance. There’s a reason why many doctors suggest well-woman exams yearly, along with the important benefits that you can leverage from the sessions. 

Each step of well-woman care serves a different purpose for different women. In addition, each step will have unique advantages over others. Let’s look at the importance of going to gresham well women visits every year. 

  • You Can Get Complete Medical History: The physicians will complete a full medical history to determine if you had suffered any complicated diseases during your childhood or if you’ve ever undergone any surgery in your past. They will ask questions to know your physical condition better. Depending on the information you provide, they will create a picture of your overall physical health to know if something wrong is going on with you. They will also ask about family issues to stay alert for similar diseases. 
  • General Physical: When you contact a physician for your well-woman checkup, they will consider the basics such as height, weight, age, and visible signs of illnesses or injuries. They will evaluate heart and lung conditions and check your tongue, ears, and eyes for proper conclusion. A well-woman exam revolves around your whole physical health, not just the reproductive systems. A comprehensive checkup will help them understand how your body works. 
  • Breast Exam: No matter your age, the physicians will conduct a thorough breast examination to check for the development of unusual tissues in your breast. If they notice an area or some tissues are unnatural or improperly aligned, they will help you seek the best medical attention. If they do notice signs of a lump or swollen spot, they will find the problem sooner. The sooner you undergo a medical diagnosis, the better treatment you will receive. 
  • Pelvic Exam: The physicians will inspect your vagina and determine if you have any deformities or irregularities in your uterus or ovaries. A pelvic exam is a fast and inexpensive way to determine vaginal condition, unlike expensive scans. If they find anything suspicious, they will order an ultrasound to get more information. 

Visiting a well-woman exam every year will help you maintain your physical condition and can prevent you from suffering from more complicated diseases. The medical professionals will also evaluate the perfect treatment option. Schedule a consultation today for the best benefits. 

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