Why Is Alcohol Harming Your Stomach?

Your stomach is the part of your digestive tract that digests food. Stomach help to get the nutrients for your body’s needs and eliminate waste.

Drinking alcohol is associated with increased acidity from the stomach into your throat. Some evidence suggests that alcohol can cause your stomach to produce more acid than normal.

This can cause the lining of your stomach to gradually wear out and make it inflamed and painful. This could mean that you have painful ulcers in the lining of your stomach. With the help of this short article, you will know about the relationship between alcohol and stomach pain.

Alcohol And Gastritis:

Gastritis is one of the inflammations of the stomach lining. It may be caused by drinking alcohol, whether heavy drinking or chronic, over a longer period.

  • Feeling unwell after eating
  • Have indigestion or gnawing or abdominal pain
  • Unwell or vomit

The symptoms of gastritis can be sudden and severe pain for a long time. Persistent gastritis may increase your risk of developing peptic ulcers. If your symptoms are mild, you can try treating yourself with antacids from the pharmacy and by making changes to your diet and lifestyle, such as drinking less alcohol. But if you have indigestion for a week or longer, or you vomit blood or have blood in your stool you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor.

Where Is The Abdominal Pain Felt From Alcoholic Gastritis?

People often experience pain from gastritis in the upper abdomen. Many people describe it as a stomach ache. Some people may feel back pain. Some say the pain feels like “burning” or “gnawing” in the stomach.

Others may feel a burning pain. Drinking alcohol can severely damage the lining of the stomach. Excessive damage to the stomach lining can cause open sores called ulcers. It is dangerous because they can cause severe gastrointestinal bleeding.

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