Primary care: Your First Line Of Defence 

A healthy mind and body are essential prerequisites for overall well-being. This minimizes your risk of developing any disease or life-threatening complications. 

Turn to primary care McKinney TX, which offers several extensive healthcare services that enhance your overall well-being and quality of life. 

Understanding primary care

Primary care is an important process in a health system that provides promotive, protective, preventive, palliative, curative, and rehabilitative services. The main aim of primary care is to improve your health by providing easy access to medical care. It enhances your overall health and well-being by preventing or treating any health problems that may be present or potentially present. 

Primary care physicians are responsible for your health needs, by preventing, diagnosing, and managing common health conditions. 

Primary care services offered

Your primary care physician can offer you a cascade of medical services, that include the following:

  • Preventive medicine 
  • Wellness programs for men, women, and children
  • Minor wound repair
  • Sick visits
  • Disease screening 
  • Medically supervised weight loss
  • Abscess incision and drainage
  • Skin tag removal
  • Ear irrigation
  • Wart removal
  • Chronic disease (like diabetes, hypertension) management
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Sports physicals
  • DOT physicals
  • Mental health management (medications and therapies)
  • Home delivery of dietary supplements 
  • Evaluation of domestic violence 

Benefits of primary care 

Primary care is important with the following benefits:

  • You will have a single physician with a detailed record of your medical history right from a young age
  • You can access a wide variety of health services conveniently
  • Your primary doctor will guide you in health maintenance, and weight management to lower your risk of several medical conditions 
  • Regular checkups can aid in the early detection of diseases at an early stage when they are easily treatable 
  • You will know your physician and medical staff well which make your visits more productive due to reduced stress. 

Primary care visits

You can expect the following during your primary care visits:

Medical history

  • This helps your primary care physician to record your symptoms, family history, past trauma or surgeries, and medications taken.
  • This also highlights your lifestyle habits. 

Physical examination

  • Your doctor will check your BMI, weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, and respiratory rate. 
  • This also includes pelvic exams for women and prostate screening for men. 

Diagnostic testing 

  • If needed your doctor may also order a few diagnostic tests like:
    • Blood work
    • Urine analysis 
    • Heart function tests
    • Kidney or liver panel
    • Imaging tests like X-rays

Bottom line 

Primary care is essential since it aids in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of medical diseases. Following a thorough evaluation, your doctor can determine if you require any treatment or referral to a specialist according to your individual health needs. 

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