Learn About The Different Foods To Uplift Your Mood

Most of you might have heard about how food can have an impact on mood. You might be thinking is it true? Well, let us tell you it does have a certain impact on your mood. It has been observed from studies that fruits and veggies can have a good effect on mental health. To have a brief idea let’s know about certain foods and how they are good for your mood. 

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Foods to enhance your mind

  • Spinach: green vegetables like spinach is rich in vitamin B9 or also known as folate. It stimulates and enhances the mood-controlling neurotransmitter like dopamine which elevates a person’s mood. 
  • Banana: Many of us like a banana smoothie. So here is the reason why everyone should try this. It contains certain nutrients like:
  1. Potassium (improves the functioning of the brain, and stimulates the neurons)
  2. Vitamin b6 or pyridoxine (elevates the level of serotonin)
  3. Tryptophan (also known as a happy amino acid) 

How Food Affects Your Mood | Martha Stewart

    • Cherry tomatoes: contains lycopene a natural color pigment that provides red color to the fruits. Besides their pigmenting nature, these are fat-soluble molecules that inhibit the synthesis of pro-inflammatory compounds that contributes to depression. However, the uptake of lycopene should be avoided during pregnancy due to its teratogenic effects. 
    • Peppers: it contains vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It inhibits the synthesis of cortisol also known as the stress hormones. 
    • Berries: these are filled with carbs, which contribute towards the blood glucose level and hence reduce irritability due to hypoglycemia. 
    • Asparagus: this is a good source of serotonin, folate, and useful enzymes that helps in the breakdown of harmful substances like alcohol. Hence, can be used in case of hangovers after heavy drinks. 
    • Sweet potatoes: contains complex carbohydrates that contribute towards the elevation of the serotonin level. Not only serotonin keeps the mood calm but also plays a major role in digestion, healing, etc. 
  • Fish: these are rich in omega-3-fatty acids. It has been scientifically proven that omega-3-fatty acid plays a great role in mood stabilizing. It is quite essential in cases of newly delivered mothers as it helps to deal with postpartum depression. 

Some other sources of omega-3-fatty acids are cauliflower, broccoli, purslane, etc. 

  • Selenium-rich food: it is believed by scientists that low selenium level in the body is closely associated with poor mental health. It has been observed that the metabolism of selenium is quite different from the rest of the other organs.

Food rich in selenium is Brazil nuts, crabs, oysters, fish, chicken, wheat, etc. 


It has been firmly believed that food has a great influence over our body and the change can show its impact on both the chemical and physical change over the body and hence the mood.  

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