Is The Alcohol Stay In The Urine For A Long Time?

Alcohol consumption is never too good for the body and health, and it may slowly kill the human body. It may lead to dangerous effects and may spoil the total health condition.

After started to alcohol consumption, you may certainly become addicted to it. Then, you may not maintain your physical appearance in a good manner. Now you come to know how long does alcohol stay in your Urine; thus, alcohol can be detected in your urine 12 to 48 hour after the last alcoholic drink.

Most of the urine tests stand for alcohol will stand in the Urine 3 to 5 days after their last drink of alcohol. Thus, a hair follicle test will give an accurate report of the alcohol present in the Urine and show the result of the alcohol usage. This single test will give the correct value of the alcohol consumption for the past 90 days, which may provide an accurate report.

How Is It Will Determine?

Everyone consumes alcohol according to their mood and factors, and everyone’s values vary from each other. It will be determined by age, sex, fitness, and other elements. Depending upon it, the alcohol consumption is determined.

  • Age: Thus, the older person will get more intense than the younger person, who may feel more typically.
  • Weight: Alcohol may impact the person who is less weight. The lower waitperson contained only less water in the body, which may heighten blood alcohol concentration. It may say that a higher alcohol rate will stay more time in those types of bodies.
  • Sex: Thus, Women are more impacted than men, who may get more vulnerable effects. This may tend to be because they have smaller weights in the body.
  • Amount of consumption: The frequency and intensity will affect the alcohol procession when it comes to taking more time on the same day.


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