Facts About Teeth Whitening Everyone Should Know 

It is natural for everyone to long for a captivating smile that oozes radiance wherever they go. If you are one of them, you might want to take a look at teeth whitening! Whether it is the occasional sip of coffee or any other foods that might stain your teeth, your teeth may gradually lose their brightness. 

Fortunately, teeth whitening offers a wonderful solution. Anyways, you should know what you are getting yourself into. Even if it seems like the best option to make your teeth look bright and white, you should look at everything it offers. If you live on the southeastern coast, a dentist in Tampa, Florida can help you with any dental consultation you need.

5 Facts about teeth whitening everyone needs to Know

While whitening your teeth is a great idea to improve your confidence, you should know everything there is about the procedure. So, here are five fascinating facts you might want to consider before whitening your teeth.

  • Teeth whitening is a bleaching process.

Teeth whitening uses peroxide, which is a chemical that oxidizes the organic matrix. It involves breaking down staining agents in your mouth. Dentists use between 15% and 43% of peroxide as they are intended to make your teeth as white as possible. The longer they leave it on your teeth, the whiter they look.

  • Teeth whitening is not for you if you have braces.

You can obviously get your teeth whitened if you have braces. But would you want the portions covered with braces to look like dark, discolored patches once they are removed? Of course not! Hence, it is advisable you wait until your braces are taken off.

  • Whitening does not work on all types of teeth stains.

You must know what extrinsic stains are. Well, teeth whitening works only if you have extrinsic stains, such as stains developed from certain foods like coffee or tobacco. If the stain is intrinsic, if it was caused by trauma or medications, you should know that teeth whitening will not help you.

  • You should expect teeth sensitivity.

For up to 2 days after the whitening procedure, you might experience teeth sensitivity as the whitening agent passes through the teeth layers and irritates the inner sensitive parts of the teeth. But you need not worry about it as it will pass and you will feel better.

  • Do not expect the results to last forever.

Looking at your smile in the mirror, you might be confident your teeth will glow the same way forever. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but they can get stained as time passes. You need to be consistent with getting the procedure at appropriate times.

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