Emergency Contraception – Choices and Safeguards

Emergency contraception could be a contraception method of prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or failure of ordinary contraception. Numerous women within the United kingdom rely on emergency contraceptive pills, also known as the morning-after pills, to avoid undesirable pregnancies. These pills will help you by 50 % scenarios:

This birth control pill can solve a lot of problems - Times of India

Contraceptive failure (condom got torn otherwise you didn’t make certain to consider your loved ones contraceptive pill)

Unprotected sex (sex without condom or other barrier method)

What are options for me?

Up to now as emergency contraceptives are participating, you might decide either progestin-only pills or combined pills comprising excess excess estrogen and progestin. For both of contraception are known as hormonal contraception. But you should get hold of your physician before using any emergency dental contraceptives.

Familiar choice – ellaOne

In situation you are searching for any contraceptive pill that you can trust since the second type of defense, it will always be easier to select one which women have formerly selected. ellaOne is most likely the safest emergency contraceptive pills accessible inside the United kingdom now. Likely to impressive rate of success. It’s believed that 98 from 100 women do achieve remaining from pregnancies with ellaOne. But it must be taken within 120 hrs from unprotected sex.

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ellaOne could be a progestin-only pill, containing ulipristal acetate because the component. The component of ellaOne could be a synthetic kind of a woman sex hormone known as progesterone. It stops the ovaries from releasing eggs and that way, prevents pregnancy. The pill would be the potency of 30mg.

Levonelle – Be ‘One Step’ ahead while using the ‘morning after pill’

One other popular choice within the United kingdom, Levonelle A Pace can also be known as ‘morning after pill’ due to its dosing schedule. You have to make pill within 72 hrs from unprotected intercourse. But to be able to minimise the chance of pregnancy, you need to go immediately after sex. Research has proven that Levonelle remains 95% effective in stopping undesirable pregnancies when taken within 24 hrs from sex. This contraceptive drug has levonorgestral since its component. It functions stopping the ovaries from releasing eggs and through altering natural lining within the wombs. The medication would be the potency of 1500mcg.


Emergency dental contraceptives neither safeguard you from sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs), nor would they terminate pregnancies. Therefore it is always far better to use condoms because the primary type of defence. Similarly, if you’re already pregnant, emergency contraceptives will not assist you in terminating having a baby.

You shouldn’t breastfeed immediately after taking ellaOne. Wait not under 36 hrs when you breastfeed again. While taking Levonelle, consider allergy signs and signs and symptoms with levonorgestral. You shouldn’t make morning after pill for people who’ve liver problems. Inform your physician in situation you’re taking every other medications for conditions for example epilepsy or any microbial infections. In situation the following period could possibly get delayed by greater than each week, obtain a pregnancy test done.

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