Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red? What to Know

Each person reacts differently to cannabis, but a few symptoms are common. The munchies and giggles are typical, as well as the telltale sign of red, bloodshot eyes. Red eyes can result from all forms of cannabis consumption, including edibles.

The common occurrence of red eyes among cannabis users is caused by THC, not smoking or any other consumption method. Delta-9-THC can lead to red eyes whether ingested through edibles, smoked, or used in a portable cartridge.

Learn why THC in edibles causes red eyes and discover how to reduce or avoid this effect.

What Are Edible Foods?

Cannabis-infused foods or drinks are referred to as cannabis edibles. While they’re often known as pot brownies or CBD gummies, they can be made from any food or drink using the appropriate ingredients.

Edibles can deliver a more potent intoxicating effect per dose of THC than other methods. The digestive system converts THC to 11-hydroxy THC, which is 2-3 times more potent than simple delta-9.

Even individuals accustomed to the same dosage size might be surprised by edible potency. Factors like weight, metabolism, tolerance, and others can influence edibles’ potency. Starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing it is advisable until the desired effect is achieved.

Waiting until you feel the full effects of edibles before consuming more is recommended. Edibles might take up to 90 minutes to take effect and can last up to nine hours, depending on their potency. Rapid consumption of too much THC can lead to discomfort like nausea, dizziness, and in rare cases, hospital visits.

Red-Eyed After Ingesting?

Edibles offer a discreet and enjoyable way to experience a high without smoking, but they require patience and careful use. Similar to all THC products, edibles can cause red eyes.

The effects of marijuana vary due to the cannabinoids and chemicals in each strain, as well as individual differences in cannabinoid systems. Red eyes are a recognizable sign of cannabis consumption.


Edibles provide a discreet, enjoyable way to consume marijuana, but they can still result in the classic red eyes. To counter this effect, you can use eye drops, stay hydrated, or wait until the high subsides.

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