Dentist Vs Orthodontist: What You Must Know?

Many people often get confused between an orthodontist and a dentist. Even though both of them sound quite similar, they are different. When it comes to orthodontists, are more qualified than dentists, due to the additional training they undergo. Orthodontists can handle more procedures related to dental problems, compared to dentists. 

Both orthodontists and dentists undergo training for a long period. Orthodontists must complete the eight-year general dentistry program. Before they apply for dental school, they should obtain bachelor’s degrees. It takes around four years to complete professional dental training. Dentists can start their career post receiving DDS. 

An orthodontist must complete around 10 to 11 years of formal education prior to entering practice. They will learn about dentofacial orthopedics. At the end of their training, they will be awarded a Master’s degree. 

What tasks does an orthodontist perform?

  • They perform surgeries related to teeth straightening. 
  • Monitors the facial growth of your children.
  • Constructs a treatment plan that includes retainers and braces. 
  • They provide treatment for crooked teeth. 
  • They will choose the best orthodontic devices such as palatal expanders, braces, and orthodontic headgear.

There are many orthodontists in the US nowadays. However, there is no guarantee that all those dentists offer the best services to their patients. To avoid making a mistake when choosing an orthodontist, ensure that you read the reviews online. Check the official websites of different orthodontists in your location to see their patient reviews. For the best orthodontist Rancho Bernardo, choose a dental clinic like Hekmat Dental Care, and you will definitely feel satisfied with the kind of treatment they offer. 

What treatments does a dentist offer?

  • Tooth extraction
  • Dental X-rays
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Oral surgery
  • Veneers or crowns installation
  • Repairing broken or cracked teeth
  • Dental check-ups

If a dentist is unable to provide treatment for any dental issue, he or she might refer you to an orthodontist. 

How to find the best orthodontist 4S Ranch?

  • Look at the experience levels of different orthodontists in your location. An experienced orthodontist generally provides better treatment to patients. However, this doesn’t mean that you will choose an orthodontist blindly. 
  • You can find a number of review websites nowadays. Check them to know about the different orthodontists in your location. 
  • It is extremely important to look at the education details before taking an appointment with any orthodontist in your location. 
  • Choose an orthodontist who listens to the patients with patience. Some orthodontists do not pay proper attention to what their patients say. Choosing such an orthodontist for your treatment would be of no use. 
  • Last but not least, compare the fee of different orthodontists in your location. Avoid choosing an orthodontist by simply looking at the treatment cost. It is also important to take other factors into consideration along with the treatment cost when choosing an orthodontist for your treatment. 

Before the age of seven, everyone should see an orthodontist so that any potential issues can be identified and prevented. If you find trouble chewing and biting food, it is an orthodontist whom you should meet immediately. Visit a dentist for fillings or extractions if the issue is caused by a dental condition.

In some cases, pain and aches in the teeth can be connected to poor teeth alignment sometimes. In such a case, it would be wise to contact an orthodontist. Visit an orthodontist regularly to keep your teeth in good condition. 

How to maintain your oral condition?

  • You must ensure that you brush your teeth at least once daily. If you fail to brush your teeth daily, it can cause several dental problems in the future. 
  • Pick a good toothpaste to maintain your teeth clean. Avoid using toothpaste that contains harmful chemicals.
  • Go for regular dental cleaning to maintain your teeth clean. It is better to go for teeth whitening as well regularly, to have sparkling teeth. Such teeth can enhance the beauty of your smile. 
  • Try oil pulling every day to maintain your teeth in a good condition. 
  • Avoid eating acidic foods. Avoid drinking tea and coffee. It is also important to avoid smoking and alcohol. 
  • It is important to avoid chewing tobacco as well, as it can cause oral cancer.

Take an appointment with a good orthodontist in your location today for braces 4S Ranch

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