Common Dental Issues That Are Seen in Children 

Often children suffer from dental health issues due to multiple reasons. Poor hygiene and lack of dental care are the primary reasons for bad oral health in children. 

If your child struggles to maintain a routine of necessities that can keep their teeth healthy and painless, you must take the required actions to ensure they at least brush regularly, two times a day. Most dental health issues can be avoided by disciplining your child to clean their mouth between meals daily. 

An irregular brushing routine can lead to several dental problems. If your child is suffering from contact tooth pain, bleeding gums, or any other dental discomfort for a long time, fix an appointment with a Cumming, GA pediatric orthodontist immediately. 

Common dental issues that are seen in children 

  • Cavities or tooth decay 

Most small children lack the proficiency to brush their teeth properly without supervision. So if you have stopped watching your kids while brushing, thinking they are big enough to do it alone, you may be wrong. 

Not properly cleaning their teeth can result in left-out food particles and plaque on their teeth. This plaque is a home for all the harmful bacteria in your mouth that arrives while you consume food.

If it is not removed from time to time, the bacteria can affect your child’s teeth causing cavities and tooth decay. This mainly happens when the sticky plaque accumulates on the tooth’s surface and stays there for a long time. The bacteria gets enough time to destroy the tooth enamel resulting in deep voids and cavities. 

Remember that these cavities and tooth decay can also cause pain and discomfort to your child if not treated with time. Hence it is best to supervise your child while rushing until they reach a considerable age where they are aware of the importance of good dental health. 

  • Tooth Sensitivity 

Tooth sensitivity can result from several factors like irregular brushing routine, internal issues in the nerves, cavities, emerging permanent teeth, etc. Nevertheless, sensitive teeth can cause a lot of discount and irritation to a child and might affect their focus abilities on daily activities like studying, playing, etc. 

Therefore, you must make it a habit to get your child for regular dental checkups to see if everything is normal with their dental health. This way, your child will not suffer from any underlying teeth or gum issues and will have good oral health. A dentist will also provide medication or treatment if they detect any tooth cavity or gum disease in this early stage so your child does not suffer from additional discomfort. 

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